About Proto Financial

At Proto Financial, we understand that applying for a bank funding can be a long, drawn out process that many small and mid-sized businesses will not qualify for. We believe that business owners should be able to access the money they need, when they need it, based on the strength of their business. Since 2014, we have been making a difference in the lives of business owners across the country. We understand that every business is different and unique in its own way, that’s why we offer a wide variety of flexible financing and funding options without all the hassles, hurdles and games associated with traditional bank financing.

What We Offer

We understand that financing a small business can be a challenge that requires more time than most small business owners have in a day. Business operations, accounts receivable, accounting, and marketing are all an important part of running a small business and financing shouldn’t slow down your focus on these issues; it should instead help a business grow. Proto Financial Corp offers financing options like short and longer-term funding, in order to grow your business.

We offer a quick response to funding applications by qualifying and evaluating business performance based upon a variety of important performance metrics.

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