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Leverage future earnings to access working capital today

It doesn’t matter if you’re a restaurant looking to upgrade kitchen appliances, a health center expanding to new locations, or a retail boutique eager to spruce up its inventory to include the latest designs; cash advances offer a fast and flexible option to fit any unique business structure. If you’re looking to access extra capital to fuel your organization’s growth, apply today. You can receive funds in as little as 24 hours.

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How a Merchant Cash Advance Works

Loan Amount

$5,000 - 200,000

Time to Funds

As Soon as 24 Hours

Loan Term

Up to 2 Years

Interest Rate

As Low as 18%

Qualifying for a Merchant Cash Advance

1 out of 4 businesses cites not receiving funding as one of the most significant factors preventing business growth. If lousy credit gets in the way of receiving funding, the solution is Merchant cash advances.

At 85%, the approval rate for merchant cash advances is the highest of all types of small business funding. That’s because qualifications rely on criteria such as business performance, not credit scores and financial debt, letting you say goodbye to mountains of paperwork and gratuitous credit pulls.

You can receive fast cash in as soon as 24. To qualify for a business cash advance, you’ll need the following:

  • Provide 4–6 months of past bank statements or receivables
  • Fill out and complete a cash advance application

We Can Help Get The Best Rate

The first step towards securing an affordable factor rate is determining how much capital you will need. Borrowing is a delicate balancing act—borrow too much, and you’ll increase your payment cost. Borrowing too little may leave you in a financial jam.Our dedicated funding managers work with you to shop and compare different options to find a business cash advance best suited to your needs and budget.

Credit Cards


A Fast , Flexible way to Spend

Business Credit cards allow small businesses to transform bold ideas into lucrative business ventures. Now, accessing working capital is as easy as opening your wallet. Enjoy benefits including a 0% introductory rate, rewards, and peace of mind knowing you always have a financial safety net to fall back in case you need it.

When you swipe your card, you can track expenses, build better credit, and increase cash flow to invest in your business. Whether that means covering monthly costs, expanding inventory, or treating clients to a nice dinner—whatever you decide.


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Qualifying for a Business Credit Card

The process of obtaining a business credit card is relatively easy. If you’re looking to get all the security of a loan with less commitment, we can help you select the best business credit card that aligns with your business needs.

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Our application takes only 15-minute to fill out and allows you to choose from x lenders. See which business credit cards you qualify for before selecting the right one for you. Apply now and get approved the same day

How to Apply for Merchant Cash Advance &
Business Credit Cards

Whether you’re looking to replace old equipment or upgrade, our Proto Financial team will work with you to find the best
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