As a human being, we all have the right to be educated. We spend time and money in primary, secondary and tertiary level just to achieve the Bachelor’s degree or Diploma which will increase the chance of having the “dream job” that we are looking for our entire life. Jobs that will make us rich and successful like the CEO’s of the big companies.

That’s what our parents or teachers taught us, to have that high paying job from studying hard in school, having good grades and graduate with flying colors. That’s why there was this famous quote “Education is the key to success” which is misinterpreted by others. You can’t just be rich and financially successful if you just work hard and spend hard. Lack of financial education will just poke a hole to your pockets and will make your boat sink.

Education plays a big part on our lives, and it is the best gift that our parents can provide for us. Although it is essential, without the knowledge of how money works, you are just wasting time and efforts working hard with that job you wish to lift your financial status. But why is it not taught in schools and universities? It is because we will all want to be the bosses of our own. This world needs order and the successful ones are those who thrive and continuously educate themselves about money and businesses.

Financial education is a ‘skill’ that we can learn from books, experiences, mentors and even in the streets. It is the pillars in building your own riches and strategy about wealth. Some successful business owners even get rich without having education in schools but has excellent money-making strategies. For those who are fortunate enough to have basic education to read, write, communicate, and workout for our future, it is up to you how will you use your IQ and financial discipline to deal with this world and be successful through your journey.